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About the Adopt-A-Road Program:

The Adopt-A-Road program is a public service program in which civic organizations, youth groups, businesses and residential families have the opportunity to adopt a designted section of road-way. The volunteering adopting group is obligated to remove debris and litter along the roadside. Through this program, adopting groups obtain the satisfaction from contributing to a cleaner road-way and community.


Adopting Group’s Responsibilities:

  • Obligated to a minimum 2 year agreement
  • Must clean designated road-way a minimum of 4 times per year
  • Required to follow safety rules and guidelines
  • Required to submit information after each clean-up

OSS Solid Waste District’s Responsibilities:

  • Upon request, conduct orientation and safety instruction for the adopting group
  • Provide orange Class II safety vests and disposable gloves
  • Provide orange Adopt-A-Road bags
  • Provide orange "Workers Ahead" road signs w/ bases
  • Provide strobe light for vehicles
  • Upon request, collect and properly dispose of litter/debris
  • Issue a certificate of recognition when contracts are renewed

How to Join:

Interested parties may Adopt-A-Road by contacting Community Outreach Specialist, Jamie Coleman at

Active Adopting Groups:

Complete your clean-up information card today!


Active Adopt-A-Road Groups:

Click here to view a list of the current Adopt-A-Road Groups throughout Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca Counties.

Board of Directors
Mark Coppeler  Mike Kerschner  Scott Miller  Kay Reiter  Jim Sass  Charlie Schwochow  Holly Stacy  Mark Stahl  Shayne Thomas