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This recycling drop off is open to all residents of the Ottawa-Sandusky-Seneca Joint Solid Waste District

OSS Solid Waste Recycling Drop-Off
1518 East CR 113, Green Springs


• Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.


Nick Reinbolt

Processing Center Supervisor



Careful preparation and separation of recyclables is important.  Unsorted or unclean materials will not be recycled and may contaminate other recyclable materials.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Aluminum Beverage Cans
• Beverage cans only
• Cans may be flattened to save space
• Steel and aluminum must be separated
NO aluminum foil or cat food containers

• Accepting hard cover and paperback books (including phone books)
• Loose books only - NO boxes or bags

Corrugated Cardboard
• Flatten all boxes
• Corrugated only
• Remove foam, packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, or misc. packaging materials
NO pizza boxes or paperboard boxes (e.g. - cereal, tissue and pop boxes)
• Place paperboard and juice cartons in larger bin(s) to the far right

• Must be smooth, glossy, shiny paper
• Loose magazines only - NO boxes or bags

• Leave inserts in newspaper
• Remove plastic bags

Plastics #1 - #2
• Any plastic in the form of a bottle or jug
• Includes soft drink bottles, milk and water jugs, softener, bleach and detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, etc.
• Rinse clean and remove all liquid
• Please recycle plastics #3 thru #7 in large bin(s) to the far right
NO bags, Styrofoam, motor oil containers, buckets, lids, butter tubs, plant trays, deli containers, toys, etc.

Steel Cans
• Includes bi-metal, beverage, food and aerosol cans
• Aerosol cans must be empty
• Drain and rinse completely and remove labels
• Please put aluminum foil and cat food containers with steel, not aluminum
• Steel and aluminum must be separated
NO propane / butane tanks or other scrap metals


Glass Bottles
• Bottles and jars of all colors
NO window glass, dishes or cookware, lightbulbs, mirrors, ceramic or china

Juice Cartons
• Cartons for juice, soy milk, milk, broth, cream, egg substitutes
• Remove caps and straws
NO foil pouches

Junk Mail
• Plastic window on envelopes does not need to be removed

Office Paper
• NO colored construction paper, candy wrappers, tissues or napkins, wax coated materials (e.g. - printer paper covers), hanging or reinforced file folders, carbon paper, etc.

• Flatten all boxes
• Inlcudes cereal, tissue, pop boxes, etc.
• Remove plastic packaging wrap

Plastic Containers #3 thru #7
• Rinse clean and remove all liquid
• Includes deli containers, frozen food trays, Solo cups, yogurt containers, etc. 
NO bags, Styrofoam, motor oil containers, buckets, lids, butter tubs, plant trays, toys, etc.


In 1999, the District, in partnership with the Ohio Division of Civilian Conservation, established a recycling and processing center at the Barney Quilter Civilian Conservation Camp.  The District oversaw the collection, processing, and marketing of the recyclable materials and contracted with the Division for labor.  In 2003, the WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. took over management and operation of the Camp and worked with the District by providing labor at the recycling and processing center.  In early 2008, the center moved to being fully operated by District staff.

For questions or more information about the District's Processing Center contact, Recycling Specialist, Jim Darr
at 419-334-7222 or toll free at 1-888-850-7224.

Board of Directors
Mark Coppeler  Mike Kerschner  Scott Miller  Kay Reiter  Jim Sass  Charlie Schwochow  Holly Stacy  Mark Stahl  Shayne Thomas